Blit - a free library for ``block iterative sparse linear solvers''

  • Blit is a highly efficient linear solver library designed for solving large-scale systems that arise from many medical imaging applications. Compared with the traditional solvers which solve for only one solution at a time, blit solvers can produce multiple solutions in a single call, thus is significantly faster. Blit uses iterative algorithms that support multiple right-hand-sides, referred to as the block solvers. A block solver handles the following equation:

    A [x1 x2 x3 ... xM]=[b1 b2 b3 ... bM]

    where A is an N-by-N sparse (or full) matrix with either real or complex values, bi and xi are the right-hand-side and solution vectors, respectively.
  • Blit is a work-in-progress. It currently supports BLQMR (block Quansi-Minimal-Residual algorithm) for symmetric A matrix (Boyse1996). We will add in the future other block algorithms such as BL-CG, BL-GMRES and BL-Arnoldi. Implementations in MATLAB/FORTRAN/C/CUDA/OpenCL languages will be made available. A survey of block algorithms can be found at this link by Prof. Martin Gutknecht.

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What's New

  • [2011/09/03] First public announcement of the project.

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